NEPTUNE advanced technology BC-1200E 2 in 1 Electric Brush Cutter & Grass Trimmer 1400W, 7500 RPM, 380mm Cutting Width

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  1. A Electric Brush Cutter machine is an effective agricultural tool used to cut weeds, harvest crops, trim small trees and other foliage. Electric Brush Cutter  machine has various types of blades like tap and go, two-point blade and three-point blade that can be attached to the machine for specific purposes.
  2. Cutting a lot of grass or heavy weeds in your garden or grass using a weed trimmer may cost a lot of time and effort. If you need to save your time and effort, you will have to go for an electric brush cutter.
  3. An Electric Brush Cutter cutter is the best cutting machine for cutting overgrown grasses and thick weeds safely and effectively. This garden tool is used for landscaping and garden maintenance.
  4. One of the several advantages of this power tool is that it can easily attach different trimming heads or blades for specific applications.
  5. Although this type of brush cutter and string trimmers have a similar working principle, the hand-held cutters have more power than string trimmers.
  6. Transform any overgrown outdoor lawn into an attractive, well-manicured space with the 1400W 2 In 1 Grass Trimmer & Brush Cutter. Capable of cutting down tall grass, and more, you can also trim edges to ensure the tidy finish reaches each and every corner.
  7. Don’t clog up your mower with long weeds or waste time emptying the waste container – cut consistently with the Brush Cutter attachment on this dynamic tool. The steel cutting blade boasts a Electric Brush Cutter  width of 255mm to help you wade through overgrown areas effortlessly .
  8. The strong nylon wire on this grass trimmer operates at a cutting width of 380mm. Long 5m spool line and simple ‘tap & go’ line feed system means you can keep trimming for longer – without replacing the spool.
  9. Lightweight at just 5.7kg, this 2-in-1 tool is easy to carry around the garden with you. The Soft-grip bike handle and shoulder strap are designed to offer comfort and enhance control, so you can operate the tool with confidence.
  10. Voltage: 220 – 240V, Power: 1400W, Weight: 5.7kg, Grass Trimmer Cutting Width: 380mm, Brush Cutting Width: 255mm, Spool: 5m*1.6mm (bump-feed), RPM: 7500rpm (brush cutter), 7000rpm , Sound Level: 115db (A).
  11. The Neptune Electric 2-in-1 Electric Brush Cutter and Grass Trimmer is part of our Elite range, a premium-quality tool. Most extendable electric hedge trimmers feature a heavy motor at the top of the pole. This extendable hedge trimmer has the motor in the handle this makes it easier for you to control, making this premium trimmer our most popular in the range.
  12. The muscle motor powers a razor sharp 3-toothed Tungsten Carbide-tipped 255mm blade at 7,500rpm to slice through the toughest of branches. If it’s thick grass that needs tending too, then in seconds fit the double line, bump-feed trimmer spool (5m x 1.6mm dia. line).
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Electric Brush Cutter


Neptune’s 2-in-1 Trimmer/Edger is a powerful, lightweight and easy to use machine to take on even the tough weeds, grass, and overgrowth in and around garden, sidewalks, driveways & patios for a crisp, professional look. You can convert this trimmer easily to an edger and trimmer in seconds with no tools. It has a balanced design that promotes natural body posture for maximum comfort & minimum fatigue, even during prolonged operation.

One Machine, Multiple Usages
  • Trims perfectly for a uniform and clean surface.
  • 2-in-1 base to offers professional results.
  • Fixed ergonomic front handle for maximum control.


  • MODEL: BC-1200E
  • VOLTAGE: 230~240V | 50Hz
  • POWER: 1200W
  • NO-LOAD SPEED: Brush Cutter 1000, Grass Trimmer 7000 RPM.
  • LINE DIAMETER: 2mm, line length: 2×2.5m, with split shaft
  • WEIGHT: 6 Kg

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    The product build quality is good, it’s easy to use and convenient to handle, I recommend all buyers to purchase the product who are having a garden.

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