Neptune Power Sprayer with 4 Stroke 35.8cc Engine CH-900 (Capacity: 20 LTR)


Four-Stroke Petrol Engine: The knapsack power sprayer, also known as the sprayer, is a series of high pressure sprayers. Powered by a two-stroke petrol engine, the high-pressure piston pump is the working source. The spray height of the special spray gun can reach 6-8 meters of vertical spray. If a higher spray is required, the nozzle can be extended by a long rod

Knapsack Power Sprayer: This knapsack is a good machine with reliable and perfect performance, it is widely used for disease prevention and pest control in large crop fields and orchards, also it is a good choice for sanitation disinfection and epidemic prevention in city and countryside

Light and Portable: The plastic structure of fan and fan case makes the machine light and portable. Integrated chemical tank and fuel tank enable the machine to have small and compact configuration

Adjustable: The handle can be adjusted, convenient operation. Switch to adjust spray has four, the power from weak to strong

Capable of very high pressure, Less fuel consumption, Equipped with brass metal pump, Engine fixed with Easy recoil starter

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Neptune Power Sprayer with 4 Stroke 35.8cc Engine CH-900 (Capacity: 20 LTR)

The Neptune CH-900 Backpack Power Sprayer is the perfect tool for applying pesticides for pest control, agriculture, and row crop farming. The CH-900 is designed to operate smoothly even in high altitudes. The Neptune CH-900 features a powerful 1 HP lightweight engine and 2-triple flat-jet wands/nozzles, helping to reduce the amount of chemical fluid used.

Tough and durable, the CH-900 Backpack Sprayer is composed of brass and copper to endure rust and wear. Engineered for lower vibration and cushioned shoulder straps for better operator comfort, the CH-900 is more comfortable than ever.


❣Effective for pest control, agriculture, row crop farming, orchards, vineyards, and greenhouses.

❣Adjustable wands / nozzles for optimal spray coverage.

❣Suitable for seed corn maggots, southern corn leaf beetles, southwestern corn borers, spider mites, sugarcane beetles, western bean cutworms, white grubs, wireworms, and more.

❣Designed with lower vibration for even chemical flow, the CH-900 reduces operator fatigue and is more comfortable than ever.

❣Equipped with comfortable, adjustable backpack straps and cushion to distribute weight evenly to reduce operator fatigue.

❣Lightweight and long lasting aluminum fans for a steady engine pressure rate.

❣Durable copper and brass pumps essential to avoid potential rust and clogs with chemical use to extend the life of the sprayer.


Model: CH-900

Engine Type: 4-Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air-cooled

Displacement (cc): 35.8

Power Output (KW/HP/RPM): 0.95KW/1 HP/7500RPM

Carburetor Type: Diaphragm

Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 0.600 ML

Oil Ratio: Add 20W40 oil Separately oil Tank

Tank Capacity: 20(L)

Spraying Horizontal Range (M): 10-12M

Package Included:

1 x Knapsack Power Sprayer
1 x Hose
2 x Lance
1 x Extend Rod
2 x Belt
1 x Brass Valve
1 x Tool Kit
1 x Manual


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