Neptune Simplify Farming Knapsack Sprayer (Capacity : 16 LTR) HDPE Tank with 2 Nozzle Set for Gardening


LIGHTWEIGHT SPRAYER MACHINE – Neptune Sprayer Machine/ Knapsack Sprayer has a lightweight design which ensures better sanitization as it doesn’t stress you out. This machine is ideal for spraying pesticides and insecticides in the field to protect the crop for pest attack.

EASY TO FILL – The super easy to fill the tank is one of the finest things about this product. Knapsack Sprayer You can easily unscrew the top and fill in the water or other non-vicious water-based products. If someone forgets the number of chemicals that need to be added, he/she can check out the instructions written on the backside of the sprayer.

COMES WITH ADJUSTABLE NYLON STRAP – Knapsack Sprayer It can be easily carried for longer duration as this manual sprayer machine comes with adjustable Nylon strap. The super strong and adjustable nylon strap ensures a proper sanitization.

COMES WITH 2 NOZZLE SET – This Knapsack Sprayer comes with 2 nozzle set. Only 1 Nozzle Set can be used at a time. The nozzles are made from steel and can be adjusted for a sprinkling effect and direct jet effect.

HIGH CAPACITY – The 16L High Capacity tank with equally amazing pump is the main highlight of the product. You can easily spray or sprinkle water or water-like non-vicious product in bigger fields. The tank is made from premium plastic that prevents corrosion by chemicals.

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Neptune Simplify Farming Knapsack Sprayer (Capacity : 16 LTR) HDPE Tank with 2 Nozzle Set for Gardening

When it comes to manual sprayer machine/ Knapsack Sprayer for spraying pesticides and insecticides, Neptune is untouchable.

with its amazing spraying machine, it leads the path and makes sure that it constantly evolves to be a better choice when it comes to choosing between multiple sprayers.

The tank is made from high-quality plastic and can hold water and other water-like non-vicious products up to 16L.

The safety instructions and instructions for mixing the chemicals makes it quite easy to use. The adjustable steel nozzle can be used as spraying jets or sprinklers. You can also adjust the nylon straps at the back for better handling.

Just carry it on your shoulders and protect the crops from getting ruined. You can also use this pump to water your garden or sanitize your house and office areas.


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