Crop10 Cordless 48V Electric Pressure Washer Gun, High Pressure Car Washer Machine with Accessories Kit, Multi-Function Nozzle Suitable for Car, Bikes Washing


DRAWS WATER FROM ANYWHERE – Electric Pressure Washer Gun Come with a 5M long garden hose allow you to draw water from any fresh water source like a pool, lake, or bucket and . You can hook up to a garden hose at the house or even a 2L bottle on the go.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO ASSEMBLE – This high pressure cordless washer/ Electric Pressure Washer Gun is comes with a 5M hose that are easy to store. Compared with traditional washing machines, our cordless pressure washer are lighter and more portable. Just spent a few minutes to complete the installation and start your work.

MORE PRESSURE — The 48V Cordless Portable Washer delivers up to 40Bar of pressure, 4L/Min Rated water flow, it is 2 times more pressure than a garden hose with a nozzle, and much more portable and convenient to take the power cleaner anywhere.

MULTI-FUNCTION NOZZLE – Our Electric Pressure Washer Gun high power cleaner has a nozzle, which refers to 0 °, 40 °, foam and shower modes. Foam mode is more effective for stubborn stains on the surface of the object, just add detergent to the foam bottle, this multi-function washing gun makes your cleaning more convenient and easier than normal cleaning

MULTIPLE-FUNCTIONS AND APPLICATION – Cleaning and maintenance of various motor vehicles and agricultural machinery supporting products. Our Electric Pressure Washer Gun/pressure washer gun is effective especially for cleaning the exterior walls of buildings, floors, baths, swimming pools, doors and windows, and corners that are difficult to clean manually. It is the best pressure washer machine for outdoor camping and long trips.

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Crop10 Cordless Car Washer Gun 48V Electric Car High Pressure Washer Cleaner Machine with Accessories Kit, Multi-Function Nozzle Suitable for Car, Bikes Washing, Gardening, Windows & Outdoor Cleaning

Electric Pressure Washer Gun

Crop10 Cordless Portable Power Cleaner is the ideal high pressure washer that you can take anywhere, especially suitable for areas without water and electricity connection. It comes with a long cleaning lance, which directs the water where you need it, as well as a lance short-clean spray that delivers a gentle spray for quick and convenient watering of plants and flowers.

Electric Pressure Washer Gun Specification:

Item Type: Cordless Car Washer
Color: Black
Material: ABS Plastic
Battery: Lithium Battery
Battery Quantity: 1
Water Flow: 4L / min
Working Pressure: 1.2mpa / 145PSI
Length of Water Pipe: 5m / 16.5ft

Package Included:

1 x Washing Gun
1 x Lithium Battery
1 x Charger
1 x Quick Connector
1 x 5m Explosion-proof Water Pipe
1 x 0° Nozzle
1 x 40° Nozzle
1 x Extension Rod
1 x Filter
1 x Foam Pot
1 x Box

What If The Machine Does Not Start After Pressing The Trigger?

1. Check whether the lithium battery is out of power, and recharge it with a charger if yes.
2. Observe whether the water inlet pipe is bent or blocked.
3. Keep pressing the trigger for more than 10 seconds to allow water to be sucked into the machine body.

Warm Tips:

□ Please don’t put the battery into water. If water splashes on the battery, please clean it.
□ To extend the life cycle of the battery, get the battery completely before use.
□ Please read the instructions carefully before use.
□ Please keep it away from children, pets or animals when the machine is working.


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